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Rose Quartz Stones

Rose Quartz Stones

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These adorable Rose Quartz pebbles or pocket stones are like little love tokens from Mother Earth herself. Their enchanting baby pink hue adds a touch of sweetness to your daily routine. These small yet lovely crystals are designed to accompany you throughout your day, fitting perfectly in your purse, pocket, or resting on your desk where they are readily available to soothe your worries.

One of the charming qualities of these Rose Quartz pebbles is their versatility. They vary in size and shape, but each carries the same loving energy. When you hold one between your fingers, it becomes a comforting worry stone, allowing you to gently rub it for relaxation and stress relief. These pebbles are like miniature rose quartz palm stones, making them not only ideal for carrying on the go but also perfect for meditation and healing practices.

When you connect with these Madagascar-born pebbles, you invite a sense of love and emotional well-being into your life. They encourage self-love, compassion, and the release of emotional burdens, helping you to open your heart and experience the beauty of love in all its forms.

Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of crystals, these Rose Quartz pebbles are a delightful addition to your collection. They serve as reminders to embrace love, nurture your emotional health, and find moments of tranquility throughout your busy day.

Approx. 1" - 1.5" in size.

You will receive ONE rose quartz piece that is chosen on your behalf.  No requests.  Also take a peek at other rose quartz stones I have available!


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Rose Quartz Palm Stone 

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Rose Quartz Stones - Small Rose Quartz Palm Stones

Rose Quartz Pocket Stones

Rose Quartz Palm Stone