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Selenite Moon Charging Plate

Selenite Moon Charging Plate

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The Selenite Moon Charging Plate is a convenient and effective way to cleanse your crystals without the need to wait for a full moon. Crafted from the purifying and high-vibrational selenite crystal, this moon-shaped charging plate provides a gentle and continuous cleanse for your crystal jewelry and small gemstones.

Using this charging plate is incredibly simple. Just place your crystal items, such as rings, earrings, or small crystals, on the selenite platform, and let its cleansing properties work their magic. Selenite is renowned for its ability to absorb negative energies and purify its surroundings, including other crystals. It's one of the few crystals that doesn't require cleansing itself, making it a reliable choice for maintaining the energy of your beloved crystals.

The moon shape adds a touch of celestial symbolism to your crystal care routine, representing cycles, transformation, and renewal. With this Selenite Moon Charging Plate, you can ensure that your crystal jewelry and small stones remain energetically pure and ready for use, anytime you need them.

Selenite Moon Slab measures approximately 2.5" x 2" x .25" 

ONE selenite moon charging plate will be selected for you.


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Selenite Moon Plate

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