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Shungite Tile for EMF

Shungite Tile for EMF

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Cellphone shungite tiles are an ingenious solution for those concerned about the potential health effects of electromagnetic frequencies emitted by electronic devices, particularly cellphones. Shungite, a unique and rare mineral from Russia, is said to possess properties that can help absorb and neutralize these electromagnetic frequencies. The cellphone shungite tiles, crafted with meticulous care, showcase an elegant and sleek design. With their predominantly black hue, adorned with mesmerizing gray and gold lines that meander across the surface, these tiles not only offer functionality but also add a touch of aesthetic appeal to any space.

Placing a shungite tile beneath your cellphone at night or near your desk during the day provides a sense of peace and reassurance. As you rest or work, you can take comfort in knowing that the shungite tile acts as a protective barrier, mitigating the potential harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies. The sleek and compact design of these tiles allows for easy placement wherever you choose to keep your cellphone. Additionally, their versatility extends beyond cellphone usage, as they can be used with other electronic devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies, such as tablets or laptops.


Approx Size: 6" x 3" x .25"

You will receive ONE shungite tile that is chosen for you. The pattern and size will vary slightly. Phone shown is an iPhone 11 ProMax for size reference.

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Shungite Tile

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Shungite Tile for Phones - EMF Protection

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