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Contempo Crystals - Occo-Geode-Agate-Slice-Necklace - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Silver-Plated-Occo-Geode-Necklace-Crystal-Jewelry - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Silver-Plated-Occo-Geode-Necklace - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Occco-Geode-Necklace-with-Silver-Plating - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Black-White-Occo-Geode-Necklace-for-Sale - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Occo-Geode-Necklace-with-Silver-Edge - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Amethyst-Occo-Geode-Necklace - Image 8
Contempo Crystals - Black-Occo-Geode-Necklace-Silver-Plating - Image 9
Contempo Crystals - Orange-Tan-Occo-Agate-Necklace - Image 10
Contempo Crystals - Black-White-Occo-Geode-Necklace - Image 11
Contempo Crystals - Occo-Geode-Agate-Slice-Necklace - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Silver-Plated-Occo-Geode-Necklace-Crystal-Jewelry - Image 2
Contempo Crystals - Silver-Plated-Occo-Geode-Necklace - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Occco-Geode-Necklace-with-Silver-Plating - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Black-White-Occo-Geode-Necklace-for-Sale - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Occo-Geode-Necklace-with-Silver-Edge - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Amethyst-Occo-Geode-Necklace - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Black-Occo-Geode-Necklace-Silver-Plating - Image 8
Contempo Crystals - Orange-Tan-Occo-Agate-Necklace - Image 9
Contempo Crystals - Black-White-Occo-Geode-Necklace - Image 10

Silver Plated Geode Necklace

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Simple but unique agate pendant necklaces with a silver plated edge on a simple metal chain.  Each one of these agate necklaces is unique in coloring and features an occo geode slice with an open quartz center.  Colors vary from black and white to ones with more of a orange and tan mix.  All coloring is natural.  Be sure to watch the video in addition to the photos!

The agate pendants are on an 18" alloy chain, but I do have sterling silver snake chain options available on the website as well.

Pendants are about 1-2" long.

You will receive the exact agate necklace you choose. Please be careful in looking at the photos and video.

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Find crystal properties info on our Crystals & Their Meanings page.  All orders are packed with love and care, and come with a free crystal gift and a mini palo santo stick. Follow on Instagram @contempocrystals & @contempogems for crystal sales, giveaways, and more!!

Colors may vary due to computer screen. Please visit my FAQ page for all questions and full shop policies.  Thanks for supporting my crystal shop!!

Agate Slice Necklace

Silver Plated Geode Necklace

Agate Slice Necklace

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