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Small Lemurian Quartz Points

Small Lemurian Quartz Points

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White and Clear Lemurian Quartz Points from Brazil.  These are unpolished quartz points and have the same overall look, but each is unique.  Almost all of them have obvious striations, but some are more subtle. Available in a few size options some may be longer and skinner and some may be shorter but fatter, but the size ranges will have a similar 'overall' size.  These do have chips and nicks, so they are not perfect.

Lemurian Quartz points are truly unique and hold a special place in the world of crystals. These crystals are believed to be encoded with the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the lost Lemurian civilization. When you work with Lemurian Quartz, it is said to connect you with the spiritual energies of these ancient people, promoting a profound sense of unity, love, and healing. Many users find that Lemurian Quartz points are excellent tools for meditation, helping to unlock higher consciousness, access ancient wisdom, and release blockages. Their distinctive ladder-like striations are thought to be messages from the Lemurians, making them a sought-after crystal for those seeking spiritual growth, clarity, and enlightenment.

You will receive ONE lemurian quartz point that is chosen on your behalf of your selected size.  No requests for specific pieces or other preferences.

Larger options available on the website, also take a peek at other clear quartz crystals I have available!


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