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Super 7 Bracelet

Super 7 Bracelet

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Subtle, yet fun Super 7 bracelets from Brazil with a fun mix of stone beads including amethyst, rutilated quartz, citrine, hematoid quartz and more! The stones are a mix known as Super 7 that can occasionally grow together. The colors are a mix of purple, yellow, clear, pink, and even some dark almost black beads. The elastic adds a fun pop of color with its bright pink coloring that shows through some of the more clear beads.

Wearing a Super 7 bracelet is like donning a powerhouse of crystal energies on your wrist. Super 7, also known as Melody's Stone or Sacred 7, is a combination of seven different minerals, including Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Goethite, and Lepidocrocite. This unique blend creates a synergistic effect that enhances spiritual growth, intuition, and psychic abilities. Super 7 is believed to balance and align all seven chakras, making it a versatile crystal for overall well-being. It offers protection, amplifies intentions, and promotes healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Wearing a Super 7 bracelet allows you to carry these diverse and potent energies with you throughout the day, facilitating a deeper connection with your inner self and the spiritual realm.

Stack them up for even more color variation and of course crystal magic.

You will receive ONE amethyst bracelet that is intuitively chosen for you.
Approx Bead Size: 8-9mm
Approx Size:  5.75" - 6.25" around.

Colors and bead size may vary.


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Super 7 Bracelet - Amethyst, Citrine, Rutile Quartz & More!

Super Seven Crystal Bracelet from Brazil

Colorful Stretchy Super 7 Crystal Bracelet