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Tumbled Red Jasper

Tumbled Red Jasper

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Tumbled Red Jasper is a stone full of nurturing energy!  Tumbled Red Jasper is perfect for crystal gridding or carrying with you on the go. This beautiful stone ranges in color from bright red to brownish red and is known for its ability to ground and protect. Red Jasper is also the birthstone for the zodiac sign Aries and is related to our root chakra. When it comes to Feng Shui, ensure that you carry these stones because of their ability to promote truthfulness.

Red Jasper has a storied history, cherished by ancient Egyptians who believed in its protective abilities, and Native American tribes who held it sacred for its strength and courage associations. In medieval Europe, it was thought to ward off ailments and was fashioned into amulets. Metaphysically, Red Jasper is prized for its grounding energy, helping individuals stay rooted in the present and navigate life's challenges. It is also believed to enhance physical vitality and endurance, making it popular among athletes. Emotionally, Red Jasper fosters balance, tranquility, and emotional stability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking inner peace. Moreover, it is seen as a protective stone, shielding against negativity and providing a sense of security. Red Jasper is also associated with stimulating creativity and passion, whether in artistic pursuits or relationships. It can be worn as jewelry to carry its energies, used in meditation for mental clarity, or placed in one's environment to create a harmonious and protective space.

Red Jasper Meaning

Here are just a few of its other common properties.


You will receive ONE tumbled red jasper piece that is intuitively chosen of your selected size.

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Tumbled Red Jasper Crystals for Sale

Red Jasper Properties

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