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Crystal necklaces and accessories are a great way to wear crystals throughout the day, or help spice up an outfit! Stone necklaces are an easy way to keep the magic of crystals with you on the go. Read more about the benefits of wearing a crystal necklace at the bottom.


Our crystal necklace section is constantly growing and changing, so be sure to check for new styles coming soon! We like to offer a wide variety of classic crystal necklaces and a mix with modern crystal jewelry. From simple beaded Moonstone Necklaces to our Modern Vegan Leather Mala Necklaces! Read more about crystal necklaces at the bottom of the page!

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Real Crystal Necklaces

Wearing natural crystal necklaces offers a multitude of benefits beyond just a stylish accessory. These necklaces allow us to carry the unique energy and vibrations of crystals close to our heart, creating a profound connection between our physical and energetic bodies. Each crystal carries its own metaphysical properties, and by wearing them as necklaces, we can experience their specific benefits throughout the day.

Whether it's the calming energy of amethyst, the grounding influence of smoky quartz, or the protective qualities of black tourmaline, crystal necklaces serve as gentle reminders and energetic support in our daily lives. They can enhance our intentions, promote emotional balance, boost our energy levels, and amplify our spiritual practice. Moreover, the natural beauty of real crystal necklaces adds a touch of elegance and individuality to our outfits, allowing us to express our unique style while benefitting from the powerful properties of these Earth treasures.
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One of our most popular crystal necklace designs is a beautiful Faceted Beaded Rainbow Moonstone necklace with a classic look that can be worn every day! The quality and flash on these white moonstone necklaces is AMAZING! Be sure to watch the video on the page.

Up next we have a couple different styles in our Modern Vegan Leather Tassel crystal necklace collection! A modern take on the traditional mala necklace with a tassel and pyrite crystal accents on all of the options. This stone necklace is available in lava stone, rhodonite, and dalmatian stone. We also have our faceted gemstone option that is a shorter necklace style, and available in rose quartz, amethyst, and flashy labradorite!

Crystal Necklace

My newest line of crystal necklaces comes with a classic and simple pendant necklace style.  These sterling silver crystal necklaces currently come in a labradorite necklace option and also opal, black tourmaline, aquamarine, moonstone, and ruby necklace options.  They have a simple sterling silver loop chain that can be clasped at 15" and 18" which makes them perfect for layering too!  Slightly different, but still a simple pendant style is also my natural citrine necklace!

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Finally, two of our other crystal necklace options are quite popular in the crystal world right now! We have TWO crystal vial necklace options in the shop. The first is one of our very first products, the glass crystal vial necklace that holds beautiful apophyllite crystal chips! Our second is a classic crystal point oil dropper necklace where you can add your old essential oils into this screw top necklace! These crystal oil vial necklaces are available in rose quartz and clear quartz!

In addition to our popular ones above we often have one-of-a-kind crystal necklace pieces posted in this section.  Like agate hearts and slice necklaces.  Amethyst clusters and hearts, and more!

So keep an eye out and see if any of our crystal necklaces are what’s missing from your collection!

Be sure to check out the other crystal jewelry on the website too! Especially the crystal pendant section where you can always find something similar and add your own chain style!
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Buy Natural Crystal Necklaces - Tons Of Stone & Style Options!

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