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925 Silver Stone Necklaces

925 Silver Stone Necklaces

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Simple yet stunning 925 sterling silver pendant necklaces in sunstone, meteorite, labradorite, pyrite, black tourmaline or agates. Each necklace features a small crystal pendant on a very delicate adjustable silver chain, see below. The stones have a rough face irregular side shapes.  The sides are edged in 925 silver with a simple bail.  The backsides have a somewhat open back to them.

Orange Sunstone - Naturally vibrant orange stone.  Sunstone is known for its ability to instill joy, promote optimism, and enhance leadership qualities, making it an excellent stone for boosting confidence and bringing warmth into one's life.

Labradorite - Every one of these will flash! Either a bright blue or a teal blue-green.  Labradorite is believed to possess mystical properties, offering protection against negative energies, stimulating intuition, and bringing forth one's inner strength and creativity.

Black Tourmaline - Black stone with naturally uneven surface.  Black tourmaline is known for its strong protective properties, shielding against negative energies and promoting a sense of security, grounding, and balance.

Gold Pyrite - A shiny gold stone known as 'fools gold' because of how similar they can look.  Pyrite is a mineral that brings abundance, wealth, and prosperity, while also promoting confidence and positive energy.

Meteorite - Silver meteorites from Uruguay.  Meteorite is a fascinating extraterrestrial object that carries cosmic energies, symbolizing transformation, adventure, and a deep connection to the universe.

Agate Stones - Small little agate stones, mostly in a dark gray or black coloring.  All will have at least the tiniest bit of druzy center.  They are believed to promote balance, harmony, and inner strength, fostering a sense of calmness and protection.

The stone pendants are on a sterling silver chain that is adjustable via a small ring in the chain at 16" or the end at 18". You will receive ONE necklace that is chosen for you of your selected stone.

Stone size and color may vary slightly. Please note that most of these do have a very light resin coating on the face to give it some shine. The piece you receive will be chosen for you. No requests for specific pieces or color preferences other than the stone in general.

CARE - **Please note these chains are very delicate.**  They are fine with normal everyday wear. But they are not meant to have small child grabbing at them, working out, or other activities where they may get jerked.  Please do not store these as a 'pile' or hold in your hand as a pile, as due to the chain style, they will tangle.  As would any necklace of this style from anywhere. - I am not responsible for breakages after they arrive safely.  Please care for your necklace.


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Learn about crystal properties on the 'Crystal Quick Facts' page. Orders are packed with love, care, & free gifts. Colors may vary due to the screen. See FAQ for more.

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Sterling Silver Stone Necklaces - Adjustable Length!

meteorite necklace

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