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Onyx Heart Wind Chime

Onyx Heart Wind Chime

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Simple but unique banded gray onyx wind chimes with a beautiful sound.  The top has a round piece and the 'dangles' are hearts.  The pieces on these chimes are full of lines and marbling to give it a one of a kind feel.  The color on this will be an overall gray coloring due to the markings and lines on these. The most distinctive part of the Onyx Heart Wind Chime is the parallel lines that run through it. This chime is sure to add beauty and serenity to any space.

Onyx is a stone of positivity and helps to absorb negative energy. It can help balance good and bad. It is also said to enhance self-control, stamina, and concentration. Onyx is believed to be a stone of protection and strength. It's said to help its wearer stay grounded and focused and to provide support in difficult times. That makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants a little extra guidance and strength in their life.

This stone is also associated with Gemini and Leo. If you're looking for good luck, onyx is also said to be a great choice; this stone can help focus energy on the base chakra. Whether you're drawn to its beauty, its powers, or both, our Onyx Heart Wind Chime is sure to make a stunning addition to your outdoor space.

Hang it up and enjoy the lovely sound of the wind echoing through each carefully crafted onyx heart.

Size: Approx. Top 3",  Length 12"

One onyx wind chime will be intuitively chosen on your behalf.  I also have a star option available! Please be very careful opening as they can get easily knotted at the fishing line. 

Also be sure to check out my other onyx options I have available on the website, and learn more about the onyx properties too!


Crystal properties on the Crystal Meanings page. Orders are packed with love, care, & free gifts. Colors may vary due to the screen. See FAQ for more.

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Onyx Heart Wind Chime - Gray & White

Onyx Heart Windchime

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