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Tools to help cleanse your crystals or the energy in your space.  Not only can you find ethically, and sustainably sourced Palo Santo and Sage in this section, but we also have a cute little incense bowls that you can also use with the Palo Santo Chips, Sage Leaves and more. Read more about our crystal cleansing tools at the bottom of the page!


Crystal Cleansing

crystal cleansing tools

One of my favorite ways to bring a fresh energy into my home is to open all of the windows, light a Palo Santo stick (and blow it out hehe) and allow the smoke to flow throughout the rooms. My personal favorite is Palo Santo Wood because the scent brings me back to childhood memories of beach bonfires and cozy fireplaces. It immediately increases my positive energy levels. Some people have the same feel and preference for Sage or other scents. It is entirely a personal preference on what you want to use for your home or crystal cleansing.

We do make it a point to source ours in the best way possible. Palo Santo Wood is a species of Bursera graveolens from South America. While there is a 'Palo Santo' that Is in fact on the endangered watchlist, this is not it. The wood must naturally fall (like a branch falling off), or the tree must experience a natural death (aka not chopped down), and sit for many years before it may be collected. It is also collected in the most respectful and traditional way, and in addition to supporting the local community, they are also responsibly re-populating the forest.

smudging tools

Our California White Sage sustainably grown on a private farm in Southern California. While they plant more continuously, I purposely only use the 'leftovers' or small pieces so that we are not using as much. These leaves and pieces work perfectly in our small Lotus Incense Burning Bowl! It also smells absolutely great which is always a bonus to any cleansing rituals!

In addition to cleansing crystals, these tools can also be good for how to charge crystals! You can learn more on the linked blog post.


Ethically Sourced Crystal Cleansing Tools

crystal cleansers

crystal cleansing tools